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Saturday, March 8, 2008

That's Show Biz

My son fell asleep about a half an hour before the skating show and he was soooooo crabby, so we let sleep and thought maybe he could come for the second act. My mom stayed with him and I brought my daughter. Meanwhile, my husband shows up at the show and asks where he is. I explained that he would probably be here for the second act. Well, he never came. My husband was so mad at me because he had to sit through a whole skating show and NOT see his son. Of course, he got to see our daughter. And the roof or something was dripping on him the whole time, so he got really wet, so he was crabby too. After the show, I went to my mom's to find out why she didn't come. She said when my son woke up, he wouldn't stop crying and he said his ear hurt. (He does get a lot of ear infections.) She gave him some Tylenol and about a half an hour later, he stopped crying. So I told her that my husband was mad at me because he never showed up at the skating show. Sheesh. I hate being stuck in the middle. But I took both kids home and we ate, took more Tylenol and went back to the show. My husband reluctantly went to the show again. The thing is, he had to pay another five dollars. My son was excited that Daddy was going to watch him skate. My husband called his mom to go with him too. I brought the kids there and I went in the skater's door, so I basically snuck in without paying, but I earned my keep. Parents aren't allowed in the locker rooms and were supposed to be people in there to get the kids ready, but there weren't, so good thing I was there. I got my son ready and lined up and ran off to check on my daughter and there she was without her skates on. I hurried and got her ready and lined up and sat down just in time to watch my son. It was really cute. He had two ladies drag him all over the skating rink. I videoed it. He was Winnie the Pooh. Then I had to change him ito his chipmunk costume. I tried to cheat and change his pants without taking off his skates, but it was not to be. I had to take those darn things off and put them back on. I hate doing that. While this is going, on I'm missing my daughter's performance. Then he can go sit with daddy and grandma while I go do the next costume change. Her hat was gone. We put her shirt on and I was able to cheat with her and just pull her pants over her skates, although there were two points where I though the pants were going to rip. We finally found her hat down the hall on the floor. Hmmmmmm. . . Somebody did that on purpose. I had hers hung up nice on a hanger with her shirt. Anyway, we got to watch for a little while and then they both had to line up for the chipmunk number. That went fine. Then they stayed back there for the finale. All was going smoothly until my son's coaches gave him a teddy bear. Well, the skating club had purchased these teddy bears to sell and I told my daughter not to ask for one, but today was her birthday and her brother just got a bear, so I had to get her the crappy teddy bear because she couldn't not get one if he got one. I also got them flowers because they are star skaters. And I never buy that crap. Ever. But it was her birthday and I didn't really get her anything. We couldn't even have her party because of the skating show. We are having a family one tomorrow. After the last skating show.

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