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Monday, March 3, 2008

My Headache is a Headache

I had to go see a neurologist today because I've been getting these horrible migraines. Like, "Mommy, why won't you get up off the floor?" migraines. They started about two years ago when I started getting horrible cramps. Well, I ended up getting a hysterectomy for the cramps and I thought the two might be related, but no. The cramps stopped (obviously), but the headaches continued. Some months, it was sixteen days in a row I would get them. Utter misery. My neurologist is this little lady from Poland who talks really fast and talks a lot and about everything. I liked her 'til she started hitting me with her little metal hammer. Then, I wasn't so sure. She gave me a prescription for Topomax which she referred to as "preventive therapy" and Relpax which she referred to as "abortive therapy," but with her rather heavy accent, it took me awhile to figure out what exactly she was saying. She was worried about prescribing the Topomax because one of the side effects is weight loss. "And that is bad because. . . " She didn't see my humor, but she made it very clear that she will take me off it if I lose too much weight. I told her that I just lost a bunch anyway. She also ordered an MRI. Yipeeee. Now, I have to take another day off from work. I really do hate missing work because it just makes more work.

The good news is my husband's biopsy came negative! It wasn't skin cancer. It was just some freakishly disgusting mystery lesion, but it's history now.
I made and listed this sweet pendant last night. This Red Green Garnet is one of the most interesting stones I've ever seen. The red and green together is just so rich.

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