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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Investigation. . .

Our home investigation was yesterday. My husband is adopting my seven-year old daughter from my first marriage, so the juvenile court lady had to come do a home investigation to make sure our home is suitable and my daughter and husband have a loving bond. It was basically a bunch of questions about my income, (I'm not adopting anybody. I don't have to. ) education, birthplace, and other boring stuff. Same questions for my husband. A few questions for my daughter, but not too many. My three-year old kept bringing trucks to show her. She was muoy impressed. Then, she looked at my daughter's and my son's rooms. She hasn't even seen my ex in over a year. I don't think she even remembers him as her dad.

1 comment:

joeyandaleethea said...

That's too funny! Sound like a great bunch of kiddos.

I saw your post on our message board re: a 3 column blog.

Here's a link for ya: