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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ice Ice Baby

One of the joys of living in "Big Snow Country" is the weather. It was a beautiful day the other day. I took the kids skiing, the sun was shining, and life was good. The next day, it rained. Not that big of a deal. But then, the temperature dropped to eleven degrees and everything that was wet, froze. Not good. School was delayed two hours because the roads were extremely icy. I took three steps onto the three degree incline I have to walk up to work and I slid back down in slow motion. I took three more steps and slid back down again. I wished somone was taping me for funniest home videos because I think I could have won.

More about ice. The Ice Show is this weekend. I painfully did sell most of my raffle tickets. Grrrrr. My son, who was a pretty decent skater before ice show practice, seems to have forgotten how to skate. He's going to be the last one in the line that everyone has to wait for and that they finally have a helper come and drag him to where he's supposed to be. Guaranteed. I think they already have someone lined up to be there. And I will be there in all my glory to capture it all on video. Three times.


ara133photography said...

Oh no!! That sliding thing sounds terrible! I used to trip in the hallway in front of our company president's office almost twice a week where I used to work! :)

Unknown said...

Work and slipping just don't mix!