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Friday, March 21, 2008

"Here, play with this. . ."

I'm experiencing some kind of stomach abnormality and I just don't feel good. Yesterday, I drove to work with a bucket in my car. Just in case. I didn't use it, but I thought I might be better off if I did. So, my husband was Mr. Super Productive Bob Vila today. Putting up shelves, hanging pictures, putting up my cabinet in the bathroom, and the like. I was the polar opposite. I sat on my butt, lain on the floor for awhile. Oh, I actually did make two pendants. And listed them. I sold the green and coral one in my other post and I was pretty excited about that. My biggest accomplishment of the day was taking a bath. I was in the bathtub trying to relax because I felt like crap and my three-year-old son came in (of course) with his rubber ducky and rubber frog. I was nice and comfortable. My eyes were closed. The water was hot and steamy. This little voice says "Here, play with this!" and he pegs me in the eye with the rubber ducky. Then, he conks me in the nose with the rubber frog. Now, I know he really was just trying to give them to me so I could play in the tub, but I just wanted to soak.

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