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Friday, March 7, 2008

Life Is a Cabaret

Went to go see the musical Cabaret tonight. I had never seen it before. I thought it was a little more happy-go-lucky. I didn't realize it was so full of Nazis and abortion. It opened my eyes. I thought it was more of a feel-good musical; not a political statement. But, oh well. One of my students was in it. He was the Emcee. There was a lot of controversy about him playing that part because it is a role for a mature person and he's a teenager. Well, he showed them. He was awesome. He's also gotten to grab more boobs and butts than he's ever gotten to grab in his tender sixteen years. His grandma was at the show and I think she was a little shocked.

Reminded me of my stage days. My best high school role was when I played the Cobra Woman in "Hurricane Smith and the Garden of the Golden Monkey." I had a red cape, a crown, really funky make-up, and long gloves. I was sooo cool looking. We put that play on for all the grade school kids and for awhile, I was a minor celebrity. The little kids would come up to me for awhile in stores and places and hiss at me with little their snake hands because in the play, I had a snake pit and I would threaten people with it. On cue, the sock snakes would pop out of the snake pit and hiss. I was soooooo powerful. I had the lead in my senior class play too, but that role wasn't as cool as the Cobra Woman. The Cobra Woman rocked! Hssssssss. . .
I just made these two pendants. I have always loved Leopardskin Jasper, but Red Leopardskin Jasper, in my opinion, is the cream-of-the-crop. The color of the stone had such richness and depth. The Golden Jasper has been complimented by a Dark Amber 6mm nugget bead, a 4x6 pyrite rice bead, and 4mm greeen onyx. This truly brings out the colors and makes for a stunning piece.


Jared May said...

Cool pendants :)

Unknown said...

Thank you. I love pendants. That's what I focus mainly on now.