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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dude. . .Where's My Classroom?

One year, for April Fool's Day, my ever-so-well-behaved seniors told me that the principal had an envelop for me. So, I headed down the hall after him. When I came back to my room, everything was gone! The desks, my desk, my computer- everything- and all the kids were sitting quietly on the floor reading their books as if it were an ordinary day. They just looked up at me sweetly like nothing was wrong. They wouldn't even tell me where everything was, but eventually we got everything back, but they were pretty proud of themselves. I wasn't mad because it was harmless and nobody got hurt and they felt like they really pulled a fast one.


. said...

How wonderful to be loved so much by your students that they would all get together and devise and well thought out and coordinated practicle joke!

Love it!!!

Unknown said...

I don't mind the harmless jokes. And they were just so cute!

UniqueNurseGranny said...

What a day.Clever kids and good natured teacher.Did the principal know?They had to really move fast.

Carey Lynn said...

HA! giving me some great ideas for Aprils Fool Day...moving all my husbands 'gear' :)