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Beyond Semi-precious

Lapidolite, Dumorterite, Iolite

even the sedimentary syllables shine

nutured by nature

colored by the earth


fossilized blooms

petrified sunsets

envelop me

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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tastes Like Ass

So, I looked up some of the side effects for my new medication (Topomax) and one of them was that it made carbonated beverages taste funny. That sounded like such a dumb side effect. I didn't believe it. Sure enough, today at lunch when I went to drink my diet Mt. Dew, I grimaced at the taste of it. It tasted like ass. . . serious ass. Blech! How can that be a side effect? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. But if if helps my headaches, I can handle it. I'm also feeling a little spacey. I almost forgot to make my lunch. I did forget to eat breakfast. Anna Nicole Smith was on Topomax, so that explains a lot. My head feels fuzzy and funny, but it's not a headache, so that's good. My mouth is also very dry, but I can't even drink my flippin' Mt. Dew. I hope this is worth it.



Haha..your post made me chuckle. That is a very strange side affect. Bummer about your soda tasting like ass though. I know how I crave and look forward to the cracked open can of Pepsi.

Cicada Studio said...

My husband uses this term. I have tears in my eyes from giggling at this.

moonmystic said...

I couldn't believe how bad it tasted. It's soooooo bad. Seriously, How can that be a side effect?