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Friday, February 29, 2008

Wanna Buy a Raffle Ticket?

Fundraising. Need I say more? My son's preschool just sent home a cookie dough fundraising form. I never do any of their fundraisers. I pay tuition there. I don't want my son selling door-to-door (He's three.) and I don't have time to do it. Who wants to pay $12 for a little tub of cookie dough anyway? We can only bring healthy foods for snacks, so it is kind of hypocritical.

So last night, I thought I was being so stealth. I went to skating show practice late because I had to sign the papers with the cognitively impaired banker. There was a big sign near the table where the organizers sit. I thought I was hidden by the big sign. As I thought I was already in the clear, I heard a voice calling my name. Slowly, I turned. "You are the only one who hasn't picked up your raffle tickets yet." CRAP! "You have to sell 40 because you have two kids in the show." Forced smile. "Thank you," I said. I hate selling stuff. I have a hard enough time selling my jewelry and that's money that I get to keep. I don't want to lose all my friends by selling to them. At least if I sell them jewelry, they are still my friends.

These are my final entries in the one-a-day challenge. I'm sad that it's over. Although I got a lot made and listed, I got very little sleep. As a matter of fact, my head keeps dropping inbetween mouse clicks, right here. It was worth it, though. I was featured in two blogs and two treasuries which is absolutely cool!


Callooh Callay said...

These are beautiful! The top one looks like chocolate drizzled candy. (hmmm...chocolate).

Unknown said...

Thanks for your compliment. Chocolate does makes everything better.