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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

No School 'cuz the Bar Burned Down

Sounds really dumb and embarrassing, but it's true. School was cancelled for the past two days because the bar, called the Booby Hatch(sounds like an appropriate establishment to have next to a grade school), right next to (Yes, I said right next to) our elementary school burned down. There was so much smoke that got into the school that they wouldn't have been able to have class. It was still billowing smoke yesterday. The high school couldn't have school because without the elementary school in session, there wouldn't enough kids there for the day to count. Today we drove by and although the firefighters had buried the whole thing in snow, it was still smoking. The bad new is, we'll probably have to make these days up because I think we've exceded our allotted emergency days. We had one lice day, one snow day, one extreme temperature day, and now two fire/smoke days. I think that's too many. If they were smart, they would have had all the teachers come in for an inservice and then cancel one of the other inservice days and have regular school. At least I got to be supermom for two days. I drove my kids to school, just because I could. It was a big treat for them. My mom's van broke down, so I had to spend much of my day off dealing with that and then picking up my son and going out to lunch. Then, my husband was mad because I didn't get much cleaning done. As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, he put his stuff on the shelves that were supposed to be my bead room and now he's mad becasue there are beads everywhere. He has not yet purchased the alternative receptacle for them, so there is really no place for them to go. He did buy two dressers with little, tiny drawers which are fine for the things I have little, tiny quantities of, but I'm not unorganizing everything I have organized so they fit in the little, tiny drawers.


MGoodell said...

That is an amazing story! I can't believe a place like that was so close to a school! Stay Super, Super Mom!

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious!

Unknown said...

The good news is, there won't be a tavern right next to the elementary school anymore.