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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Snowmobile Fest

Well, it was a nice day for a Snowmobile Fest craft show. Last year, I guess it was 30 degrees below zero. In addition to the pancake feed, they also had chili for lunch. They also had bad kareoke that was too loud, a silent auction that was at least, well. . . silent, and raffles, regular loud auctions, and something I've never really seen at a craft show before. . . men. Lots of men that smelled like exhaust. And beer. It was at the Legion Hall, so there was a bar attached and people were walking around with beer. It was just different. There was another jewelry person there, so that wasn't so great for me, but it almost wasn't worth my time to be there. I handed out my business cards and my super cool Etsy mini coupons that plugged my website, my galleries, and my summer flea market. I made enough to pay daycare for the month, so that's good. Some people recognized me from the flea market. The lady next to me sold chocolate and toffee hearts and had some kick ass samples. The best part happened on the way home when I was almost falling asleep and the temperature dropped ten degrees and the wind picked up 20mph. I stopped at a little gallery and asked the lady if she would sell my jewelry there and she said. . . YES! I'm so pumped! She loved this pendant. She won't until May though and she doesn't consign, she just buys it for wholesale. I've never done that, but OK. Still exciting!

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