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Friday, February 22, 2008

Tooth Fairy Tizzy

My daughter was the last one in her class to have a loose tooth. I almost didn't believe her when she told me her tooth was loose because we had had so many false alarms. But, it really was loose this time. And she was a total wimp about it. She would cry about how much it hurt when she was eating pudding. Yes, pudding. When it finally fell out, she put it in a paper towel and put it in a ziploc bag. When it came time for her to go to bed, I made sure I know exactly where it was for tooth fairy purposes. I snuck into her room, grabbed the ziploc bag, and left a dollar under her pillow. When she woke up, she said, "The tooth fairy forgot to take my tooth."

I was baffled. I was certain the tooth fairy had taken the tooth, but didn't know how to approach the situation. "Well, the tooth fairy took the little bag. Wasn't your tooth in the little bag?"

"I put my tooth on top of the bag," she said.

"Oh, " I said, "Well, it must have fallen off when the tooth fairy took the bag."

"I'm going to put my tooth under my pillow again and get more money."

"The tooth fairy isn't stupid," I said. "You already got your money for that tooth. I'm sure you won't get any more."


Raven said...

Cute story. :)
Honestly, I'd leave your daughter more money for her courtesy. It sounds as if she was trying to help the Tooth Fairy find her tooth by leaving it on top of the bag, thinking she might not see it if it were IN the bag.
It sounds like your daughter was being sweet and thinking outside the box...
It's not her fault that the "tooth fairy" didn't LOOK to see if she had actually taken the tooth. :)


RittenhouseBags said...

So cute!!

Anonymous said...

Ha! What a funny story! Well, the tooth fairy will have lots more chances to get good at this when she starts loosing more! Thanks for sharing!

CopperSpringsLeather said...

Too cute!

Unknown said...

Yeah, the tooth fairy is going to pay much closer attention next time. :) Thanks for your comments.