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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Etsy a Cult?

Mom thinks Etsy is a cult. Like Amway or Scientology. I love Esty and the Etsy community has been helpful and supportive about all my shop problems and questions. My mom really needs a life. She sits at her computer and spies on all my forum posts. I posted one time at work and as soon as I went to pick up my kids, I got to hear about it.(In a nasally voice) "You can't be on Etsy at work. It says the times of the postings. You could get in trouble. You just can't do that. . . " Of course it went on for about ten minutes. She keeps poo-pooing Etsy because I haven't sold much. Well, I signed up during the summer, but I only really started listing in the middle of December. Apparently, success should happen overnight in her book. She thinks the forums are just, "I like your stuff." "I like your stuff, too." And there is a lot of that, too, but it's nice to hear that once in awhile when your sales aren't going anywhere. She poo-pooed my shops, the craft fairs, and the flea markets too and those paid off really well this year, so I'm not giving up on Etsy because my mom cannot be right.

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