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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Deal Fell Through

My ex-husband didn't send the $1500 in lieu of child support like he said he was going to. No real surprise there. That's OK. He'll end up paying more money in regular child support until the adoption is final anyway. Too bad for him. Not. I needed the money now. Houses taxes are due and we haven't sold our other house yet, so we get to pay two. Yipeeee!

They pre-cancelled school for tomorrow already because of the next "Arctic Event" that is coming in from the North. (Yes, I have been watching the weather.) It's -17 degrees right now and the furnace just wants to keep running. So, I stayed up late and made a new pendant and listed it. I even tried to give it a clever name. It's called,"When Life Gives You Lemons," and then the first line of the description is, "Make Lemonade." I was bored of my factual descriptions, so I thought maybe a witty title would catch someone's attention. It's a Lemon Jade Pendant with a Peridot, Mother-of-Pearl, and another little Lemon Jade round dangle hanging from the front. It's fresh and cute. I got a new box of supplies today and luckily, my husband went to check on the old house because the box got delivered there. I guess I'd better change that. I think I'll sleep in tomorrow. Because I can.


What is Wrong With Me 2 said...
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What is Wrong With Me 2 said...

sorry to hear about your ex-- bummer :( Great name idea for your pendant! I love your jewelry-- it's beautiful :)