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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Above Zero

The sun is out and it is finally above zero. The whole "Artic Event" as the meteorologists were lovingly referring to it as, is finally over. It started out with a healthy 30inch dumping of snow which was great because school was cancelled and I got a lot done. They do call our area "Big Snow Country" for a reason. We get some dandy lake effect snow and a good amount of regular snow. I listed a bunch of stuff on Etsy and did a Squidoo promotional Lens to promote my website and my jewelry. kids (three and six) and I put in some quality skiing time and then it got cold. And I mean cold. It was -17 degrees, but -40 with the wind chill factor. Yipeee! I didn't have hot water one day, but my husband was able to thaw the pipe with the hair dryer. Today, it is 15 degrees and I'm excited. We will try skiing again today. We'll see if my three-year-old will fall on his face going up the tow-rope or not. I'm betting, yes. Tonight, I will try to take some better pics of some necklaces and list a few things. Sigh. I need to get better at taking close-up pics.

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