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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Crossing Four States

My husband bought a lawnmower off of Ebay- he got quite a deal (or so he says.) So, we had to drive all the way from Upper Michigan, through Wisconsin, through Illinois to Muenster, Indiana. We pull up to load it and the guy says they have to take down the fence to load it. What? Bang, bang, pound, pound. Fence down. They start loading it it and it is this rusty piece of crap. I should have known.
We ran into a snow and freezing rain storm in Wisconsin on the way back. Everyone was driving 35MPH and slamming on their brakes every 45 seconds. We tried to stay at a motel, but there was a LeAnn Rimes concert the following night, so there was no vacancy. We finally found a motel where the desk clerk's I.Q. was equilivilent to his number of teeth, but it was a bed. The good news is I was able to make several nice Turquoise Chinese-knotted necklaces while we were driving and many, many different colors and lengths of leather and nylon cords for my necklaces. Those are good in the car tasks because they are so boring. But, I ran out of super glue, so we had to go to Menards and get some more and then my husband had to buy some rolling dollies. We actully stopped at a bead store on the way home, but I couldn't even get my myself to buy anything because it was so over-priced.

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