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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Putty Problem

Just when you thing your kids are growing up a little and getting a little common sense, they prove you wrong. My daughter is 7, so I expect a bit of sense from her and my son is 3.5, so she should be able to keep him in line a bit.

I was getting dressed after taking a shower after an extra-specially rigorous bout on the stairmaster. The kids were in the other room playing, but it was a little quieter than usual. I took a peek into the living room and they weren't there. So, I ventured over the my daughter's room and there they were, both with silly putty stuck in their ears. I told them it was very dangerous to stick anything in their ears and they should never do that. Plus, they weren't supposed to take the silly putty onto the carpet and they both know better than that. I got the silly putty out of all four ears and I noticed that it looked like there was still a lot missing. I looked on the floor and all over and I couldn't find any. Then I looked more closely at my daughter. She had a big wad of it stuck in her beautiful long strawberry blond hair. I threatened to cut her hair (which she really does not want to do.) I googled how to get silly putty out of hair and it said, purell, rubbing alcohol, or cooking spray. So, we'll try one of those. She actually may remember this important life lesson.


Angie said...

wow, that is quite the day! I remember someone at school putting gym in my hair...it got chopped :(.

On a slightly - but not so much- related story lol...my boyfriend's neice (4-ish years old) decided to cut her sister's hair (2-3ish years old)....there was no way to repair the damage, Bethany had cut emma's bangs right to the roots :( Bethany had previously cut her own hair as well...aspiring hairdresser? lol

SpottedCow said...

I think every parent goes through something like this...if I remember correctly it is part of the parent test. LOL

Beadsme said...

Oh dear. I remember getting chewing gum in my hair as a little on. Mum pulled it all out. Ouch!

Made By Tammy said...

OMGosh, what a day! Sounds a little like my house, but add one more child.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring...

(((HUGS))) & Good Luck!!

Jeannie&Aly'sBlog said...

Uh-huh...been there, done that. Can totally relate. My daughter WENT TO BED with neon green Silly Putty when she was three...fell asleep with it IN HER HAIR. She got a hilarious picture and a crewcut out of that stunt...hmph!

Silly Putty should be a banned toy.

Good luck! ;-)

Stormy Designs said...

OMG I went through that with jelly beans in the nose and gum in the hair. LOL what fun kids are huh?

moonmystic said...

The rubbing alcohol luckily got it out with no visible hair damage. Whew!

storybeader said...

Kids - ya gotta love 'em!