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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gas Gambler

I hate getting gas. It's not the price. It's not the money. Now, with the price of gas so high, the gas pump shuts off at $75. Apparently, that is the limit, whether your tank is full or not. This really bothers me because I always try to squeeze every drop of gas in there to delay the next fill-up as long as possible. Although, that IS making it all the more unpleasant. It's the PROCESS. It was even worse before there was pay-at-the-pump, when I had to walk all the way into the gas station to pay. I just HATE it. I hate the smell. I hate touching those dirty gas nozzles. I hate their matte finish and rough texture. I hate touching my gas cap. And it's always on too tight. I hate unscrewing my gas cap. I hate it all. I don't really know why. I try to avoid it as long as physically possible. Even when the little gas tank lights up on my dashboard, I know I still have about three more days before I REALLY need to get gas. I watch the needle as it slowly drops below the "E." And I know there is still time. It's like gambling with running out of gas. I'm a gas gambler. So far, I've always won.


Anonymous said...

I'm actually right there with you. I hate all of those things as well, especially the inescapable smell of gas on the hands afterwards.

The pay at the pump limit per transaction at the stations around me are all $50 so I can barely get over half a tank at the moment. That said, I just immediately start a new transaction and finish filling up. It's annoying to have two transactions for one tank of gas, but at least that way I only have to deal with touching everything once per fill!

Unknown said...

. . .and I'm waaaay to cheap to go to full service where it's $.01 more.

storybeader said...

I know what you mean. I hate getting gas too. Luckily, I don't drive too far to get to work, and I do all my chores on the same day - multi-tasking my chores. Don't go on vacation - we can't afford it! Think I'm going to walk! to work - hopefully I won't have to greet and see other people after getting all sweaty!

Unknown said...

in new jersey we don't have self serve its all full service and they don't charge you more for it. it's actually illegal to try to pump your gas.

so i didn't learn how to pump gas until i went away to art college in MA.

here in CA you don't get the small of the gas as throughout the state they have special covers on the nozzles that keep the fumes from escaping as a safety feature :)