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Lapidolite, Dumorterite, Iolite

even the sedimentary syllables shine

nutured by nature

colored by the earth


fossilized blooms

petrified sunsets

envelop me

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Great Sock Upheaval

All was fine in the Kingdom of Socks. There was a certain balance; an equilibrium of sorts. Then, all was shattered when my husband got new socks. All of a sudden, there was a shift of power; a coup. My socks were now disgusting and dingy. Their degree of whiteness just wasn't up to par. What was previously the status quo, was now considered substandard. My socks were crushed.

My socks will rise again. My socks have experience and longevity on their side. My socks have been around since 1996. They have mountain biked, roller bladed, jumped out of an airplane, climbed mountains, scaled walls of ice, run a marathon, and survived two marriages; nothing can keep these socks back. No cotton tube sock can stand up to a microfiber sock with 1% lycra that even wicks sweat away from your foot!

My socks will prevail. They already lasted longer than my first marriage and if this keeps up . . .


Mary Richmond said...

You are too funny! i've bookmarked your blog ;-)

came over from an etsy thread....

terryann said...

my socks always loose their partners ... watch out.

Barbra said...

Sock it to 'em....couldn't resist!

Stormy Designs said...

LOL ya nut! I sense a "to be continued" somewhere..... ROFL.
No wonder I'm single.

Jeannie&Aly'sBlog said...

I am a firm believer in socks. I never give up on my socks. Last time I counted, there were 72--count 'em, 72!--orphans in the kids' sock bag. Long live the sock!

Keith said...

I love your blog. The Great Sock Upheaval just etched it in stone for me! I'm linking to you from mine! :)

(Mindless Pursuits)

Beadsme said...

Moon - this is sooo funny.

Pauline said...

awesome post. this always happens when my DH gets new socks, too.
Weird, I have a shoe thing and he has a sock thing. Only my shoes do not make his shoes jealous.
his socks, however, give mine an inferiority complex.