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Friday, April 25, 2008

Ophelia's Revenge

A poem can express a thought, a feeling, or describe a moment, frozen in time. It can tell a story, paint a picture, or prove a point. It can rhyme or not, have long lines or short and has an economical use of words. A poem can whisper, sing, shout, chant, mumble, or buzz. Here is mine:

Ophelia's Revenge

He calmly and silently
waits for her.

She plunges in.
He surrounds her.
He pulls her down
stopping her breath.

She strains to scream,
but he swallows the sound.
His force is too strong.

She flutters her arms
and kicks her legs,
thrashing him,
but he just absorbs the blows
and drags her down.

She reaches to hold onto something,
but he seeps from her hands.

She lunges away from his grasp,
gasping, flailing, and struggling.
She forces her head up.

With every stroke,
she slides upon him
pushing him down.

She beats him with her arms and legs
and his spray covers her.

She moans
and pulls herself to the sand
quaking and shivering.


Beadstylin said...

That's wonderful! I am a bit of a poet myself and can always appreciate a bit of good verse. Great imagery! Methinks that girl needs a life preserver.

Unknown said...

Thanks. This took me about ten years to perfect. It's one in a series of three.

Unknown said...

This belongs on Deepwater! Ophelia never had a chance against mad Hamlet and the River! You are one of us with your writing and crafting! Thanks for your visit to the stripper's costume diary I'm in the midst of!

LocoBead said...

Boy, Moon, you had me going there...I could barely breathe. I knew it was the Sea, but, you described it in such sensuous terms. Excellent!