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Monday, June 6, 2011

Talking Smack with SilverSmack

SilverSmack was named thus because I love(Smack=kiss) working with silver and I love smacking it with my hammer and seeing what kind of cool texture I can come up with.
Hammered Wide Silver Distressed Squares Antiqued Ring Band by SilverSmack
I also love the contrasting look that mixing metals can give to a piece of jewelry.

Copper Hammered Spinner Silver Oxidized Wide Ring by SilverSmack
I also love making stacking rings - the more the merrier!

Silver Super Stack Rings Hammered Multi-Colored Eternity by SilverSmack
And I put my heart and soul into making custom wedding rings and wedding ring sets for very many special people.

Mens & Womens Hammered Oxidized Distress Silver Ring Set by SilverSmack
I also really love working with different quality gemstones and bringing together beautiful color combinations.

Moss Aquamarine Lemon Topaz Labradorite Front Toggle Necklace by SilverSmack
Living in the great Northwoods, I get a lot of my inspiration from nature.

Copper Fern Leaf Rustic Earrings by SilverSmack

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