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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Superior Stones

Lake Superior is the greatest of the great lakes, so when it came to naming my shop featuring beach stones and beach glass, SuperiorStones was the obvious choice. The lake affects my life in so many ways- the weather being the most prominent. The "lake effect" snow is what gives "Big Snow Country" its name, so I decided to celebrate the lake and all its power and beauty.
Brown Beach Stone Emerald Cluster Pendant Knotty Necklace by SuperiorStones
I love contrasting textures, so I enjoy pairing a dainty, classy stone or pearl with the more rustic, rugged beach stone. I often use pearls, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, tanzanite, diamonds, and other more precious gemstones as accents because I just love the contrast.

Slate Gray Beach Stone Pearl Knotted Pendant Necklace by SuperiorStones

Slate Gray Peacock Pearl Beach Stone Necklace by SuperiorStones

Brown Beach Glass Chrome Diopside Necklace by SuperiorStones
Beach glass is getting harder and harder to find because the ships don't dump their garbage in the Great Lakes any more (thank goodness) and people aren't littering as much as glass any more (also good.)

Gray Beach Stone Pearl Knotted Cluster Pendant Necklace by SuperiorStones

Moss Green Brown Braided Leaf Necklace by SuperiorStones
I also have a selection of carved bone and horn, and other organic, earthy looking pendants.

Black Cream Carved Bone Cross Necklace by SuperiorStones
And my shop just would be complete if I didn't have something for the men.

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