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Lapidolite, Dumorterite, Iolite

even the sedimentary syllables shine

nutured by nature

colored by the earth


fossilized blooms

petrified sunsets

envelop me

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

If We Plant It, Will It Grow?

We aren't farmers. We just happen to have a tractor (two, actually. More on that in a later post) and a significantly sized yard.

My husband got it in his head that he wanted to plant some corn. We like to eat corn. Does that qualify us? Do we know anything about planting corn? No. The most we've ever done is planted a few tomato plants and sunflowers.

He did his research, but it was much more complicated than we anticipated. We had no field. We had grass, so we had to get the area tilled. Twice. We had to get one of these to plant the corn.

It has two bins because the top one is for fertilizer and the bottom one is for the corn. We had to turn the tractor tires around because they were too far apart. Talking to the old guys at the fertilizer store was nice because they really knew what they were talking about. And we had to decide what kind of corn to plant. There weren't a whole lot of choices at our tiny feed store, so we tried a few.

Now we have one of these. Our own field of dreams. . .


Anonymous said...

That is SO kewl! Keep us posted.

Metalicious said...

Wow, your cornfield is bigger than my apartment! hee. hee. hee. So cool!

Made By Tammy said...

Awesome Job! Can't wait to see it grow...

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Keep us posted! I love to watch the corn grow all around my house...it gets so tall so fast!

cccraftstudio said...

good luck !
looking forward to the updates!

terryann said...

nice corny field of dreams!... oh and watch out for the squirrels, they ate all of our corn before we could get any... then the next year we tried again and the catapillars got them.. farming is hard work! even for us "home farmers/gardeners"

michele said...

Wow how exciting, used to love to see the corn fields when vacationing in the summer when I was young, good luck!!!