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Sunday, July 27, 2008

20 Years After High School? Not So Old. . .

I just had my 20 year class reunion and here is a little presentation I gave.

Twenty years seems like a long time, so in case you are starting to feel old, here are a few things to help make you feel a bit younger. . .

Ever feel "Footloose" anymore? Well, Kevin Bacon just turned 50.

Remember what it felt like to be "Like a Virgin?" (I mean the song. . .lol.) Madonna just turned 50.

The Rolling Stones have been giving us "Satisfaction" for OUR ENTIRE LIVES! Mick Jagger just turned 65 (and is older than my mom!)

Ever give that "Rebel Yell" anymore? Billy Idol is 53.

Remember when Van Halen told us to "Jump" and we said, "How high?" David Lee Roth is 54.

Remember raising your hand if you were "Sure."
(At this point someone chimed in about Mr. Martinson's yellow pit stains.)

Remember when the world wasn't politically correct?

Remember when candy bars were really big and were 25 cents?

Remember life before the Internet? (Me either.)

Remember Pong? (Enough said.)

Remember changing the channel WITH THE KNOB?

Remember when cartoons and shows were just cartoons and shows and not movies . . .
Scooby Doo
Dukes of Hazard
The Incredible Hulk
The Flintstones
And Remember that Underdog had a "Super energy pill" that he used to take? What was that? Speed? Steroids? What a great role model. . .

Here are some inventions of the 20 years that may not have been invented during the 80s, but at least became mainstream during the 80s. Some are obvious and some we may have forgotten about.
1.Microwave Popcorn (Remember Jiffy Pop? That stuff never worked. . .always burned.) cameras/video recorders
4.MP3s & iPods
5.Cell phones & blackberries
6.Laptop computers & Powerpoint
7.GPS & Doppler Radar
9.Voice mail &Caller ID (Remember having to answer the phone to find out who it was?)
10.Pay at the pump
11.Debit cards
12.Disposable contacts
13.Ziploc Bags and Post-It Notes
14.DVDs, Tivo, & Satellite TV
15.Purell Hand Sanitizer
16.Remotes for TV, garage doors, and cars (Remember having to GET UP to change the channel?)
17.Karaoke & XM radio
19.lettuce in a bag
20.The Clapper


Unknown said...

Very funny!

I had totally forgotten about the pill thing with Underdog! I loved that cartoony!

terryann said...

love it! I just love a change/improvement!! give me more more more! ♪♪♫♫

jenscloset said...

What a riot!! Well...I graduated in 75!! yikes!

ABrushWithHumor said...

I graduated in 82 and you nailed me! This was so much fun!

Tins and Treasures said...

I graduated HS in '74 and college in ' was fun to read your post!

Erika said...

Underdog took a pill? Where was I?

I am only in my thirties but it was fun to remember all the things we watched over at Grandma's:)

createascene said...

This is GREAT. Lotsa memories. Don't forget legwarmers. Wait, those weren't invented in the last 20 years...oops! :-)

ShinyAdornments said...

Ah, the clapper and Rebel Yell in the same post. Is this heaven?


Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

LOL - that's awesome! thanks for making me grin :)


Thanks for the reminders...I think! Your blog is great - so happy to have found it.

lhansen said...

I graduated in "85"! Thanks for the memories!

Silja Erg said...

Funny stuff :D
Very clever presentation