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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Stitches and Mom Guilt

So while I was at the flea market and my son was at summer school, he fell off the playground equipment. He cracked his head on the curved ladder and had to go to the emergency room for stitches. It was a disaster because the school only had our contact information and we weren't home. Luckily, the teacher's husband works with my husband, so she called her husband and he got a hold of my husband's parents and they were able to come and take him to the ER. Then, my daughter was able to tell them the phone number for my mom, so she could explain what happened and tell her that he wouldn't be there when she went to pick them up. When they got him to the emergency room, there was a lady there who was suspicious of his injury (and checked out his whole body) and she said, "I'm going to call the school to find out what happened." My in-laws felt bad because they thought that she must have thought that they did something to him. I told them that they must do that for all injuries to children. They gave him a CAT scan and told us we had to wake him up every four hours at night in case he had a concussion. I felt so guilty for not being there. When we finally got home, I asked my son how school was. He said, "Good."


Fish On The Wall said...

got a call from my daughters school & she busted her lip on the playground-- Looks really bad- not just a little bitten lip but a HUGE FAT LIP-- I took pictures- I'll let you know when I get them posted.... NOT a good day @ the playground... but not as adventurous as yours!

storybeader said...

Wow! At least he didn't sound the least disturbed about it. Just think, in the future, when you tell that story, everyone will laugh and say, "That sounds just like him!"

pinkrosesglass said...

My son did the same thing when he was in kindergarden. He had several stitches right above his eye. He is now 16 and the scar is still visible. He actually LIKES it! The girls like it too :)

You will have plenty of more years to feel guilty about stuff. Don't sweat it! they all turn out OK.

woolies said...

OH I could tell you stitches stories!!! don't feel guilty....

Tanya said...

Oh no! Poor little guy.

Made By Tammy said...

Awwww Mother's Guilt...we all have it!

terryann said...

enough said!

Sew Bettie said...

Oh man! I hope he doing okay now.

DreamON said...

I can remember like yesterday when my daughter fell off a jungle gym and got a concussion, and of course we weren't watching her when it happened. Not a fun experience for any mom. Hope he's OK today!

Sully Sullivan said...

Honestly I'm not that far off from childhood (both chronologically and mentally) and there could have been a rainbow tornado ripping through the school all the while radiating Kool-Aid and school still would have been just "good".

Don't feel bad. I was a mess when I was a kid and if my parents were available every single time I hurt myself, they'd have PHd at the end of their names.

Anonymous said...

ohhh, poor little boo boo head!

Our's waited until they were adults to start getting scares and stitches. Go figure!

Leah said...

Oh bless him!! At least he'll have a story to tell!! (probably very different from yours and it will involve all the cool details involving blood and such!